eAWV will Benefit Both Practices and Patients

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After spending several days testing our new eAWV Portfolio System,  I am extremely pleased with how intuitive and easy to use the eAWV is going to be.  I sent it back to our programmers with a few ideas for improvements that should make the process even easier for users.

Here’s a quick rundown on how it will work:

  • Each practice will assign an administrator who will oversee all the users in their practice.  The administrator will also be in charge of purchasing additional ‘packets’ as needed.
  • Setting up a user is as simple as assigning a username and password, and entering demographic information.  The user is then ready to provide Annual Wellness Visits using the eAWV.
  • When a user logs in, they will have the option of updating an existing eAWV patient or starting a new patient.  A simple search by DOB or MedRec # will bring up an existing patient file.
    • Patients are identified in our system only by your assigned MedRec number or their initials and DOB.
  • Starting a new patient file is best done prior to the actual AWV.  This gives the provider a chance to quickly enter:
    • Medical/Surgical History
    • Immunizations
    • Medications
    • Health Team Members
    • Current referrals
  • Then, during the actual AWV, the provider simply:
    • Conducts the online Health Risk Assessment
    • Reviews Medications for completeness
    • Provides additional referrals as indicated
    • Educates the patient and creates a wellness plan
  • At the end of the visit, the provider prints the information for the patient which includes all the items required by Medicare.  A printed or .pdf copy (condensed version) can be added to the patient medical record.

Every patient will have the option to call IHM and order a free copy of the AWV Portfolio so they can store their eAWV information as well as other medical information in one place.


I am really looking forward to sharing the eAWV Portfolio with all of you soon!!